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Socket Curtain Rod

This two-piece adhesive shower curtain rod holder is perfect for your bathroom; also perfect for mounting on a wall or angle of your choice. With a included bath towel hanger, this piece is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your washroom. Product specifications: • two-piece adhesive shower curtain rod holder • for bath tubs: 3. 5”h x 2. 25”w x 1. 5”d • for shower doors: 5. 50”w x 1. 5”d • for toilet paper: 8. 95”w x 2. 5”d • for newspapers: 9. 5”h x 3. 00”w x 2. 5”d • for tablecloths: 10”w x 7. 5”h x 4. 5”d • for satchels: 11”w x 8. 5”h x 5. 5”d • for borders: 12”w x 7. 5”d • for a stylish addition to your bathroom • for bath tubs: 3. 25”w x 1. 50”w x 1. 95”w x 2. 5”d • for papers: 9. 00”w x 2. 5”h x 4.

Rod Socket Curtain Rod

Looking for a rod option for your home security system? check out our selection of rod slicing rods for your home security system! These sleek, stylish rods are perfect for any home or office.

Cheap Socket Curtain Rod

This is a socket curtain rod that has been converted to an internal mount. It is a great addition to your home office or home for when you need to keep your tools clean and organized. The rod can be connected to the wall using washers and bolts and looks great with any shirt. this threaded rod is perfect for fitting into window frames or to use as a rods for a shower or to hung from the back of a door to keep your home clean. It is also environmentally friendly. this is a set of two pairs ofsocket curtains rod803) and mountings. The rods are. 33 inches wide x 0. 30 inches long. The mountings are 0. The rod. 30 inches long are. The holder is. 20 inches long. this 4pcs socket for 25mm curtain rod bracket is perfect for shower pole holder, and also works with thecloset pipe lever which allows for a very low profile of, (and hence easy to find). Perfect for either homes or businesses.