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Reclaimed Wood Curtain Rods

Looking for a stylish and functional curtain rod? look no further than our reclaimed wood curtain rods! These post finialessler are back to style and classic elements that will give your furniture an updated and modern look. From the home room to the office, these rods will add a touch of luxury to any decor. So if you're looking for a gift for a special person or a anniversary, this is the perfect time to buy.

Reclaimed Wood Curtain Rods Ebay

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Reclaimed Wood Curtain Rods Amazon

These reclaimed wood curtain rods are a great addition to your décor. The french style features are from the materials used to make the rod. These rods are in great condition and are a great addition to your home's up-scale crest. this perfect piece of yet modern fashion wooden topiary curtain rod is sure to make your room look piece of art. With its reclaim wood curtain rods you can finally get your perfect fresh looking wood look. So if you're currently using them as a beautiful topiary filter in your, this could be your perfect opportunity to get back to basics and focus on your beauty instead of just changing things up. this is a series of photos showing how webster rod ends and curtain rods have been reclaimed from a farmhouse. The rod ends are cut off the top of the farmhouse and laid out on the floor to dry. Each end has a small hole cut into it so that it can be pulled off if need be. The curtain rod ends are then cut again and have their own small hole in the middle. These will now be used to create this reworked curtain rod end design. Next, the webster is added to the center of the rod ends and then the curtain rods are added next. Lastly, the all is finished with a small amount of gold sandingin and final sanding to give the photo-ready finish. Theids easy to find and are a great add-on to any home. These rod are white pine and are about 24 inches long and are made of heavy weight wood. They are carved with cup and saucer design and have a heavy weight. They are also adjustable to fit different sizes.