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Marble Curtain Rod

This white faux marble curtain rod is perfect for fixing a adjustably curtain rod style of home. Thisrod is in 2 sizes - small and large - perfect for a small or large opening. The small size is perfect for a small home with a small room or a large home with a large room. The large size is perfect for a large home with a large room. Thisrod is made of white faux marble and has a adjustable hinge. It is easy to set and take off. The white faux marble is durable and good for long lasting use.

Marble Curtain Rod Finials

If you're looking for a stylish and functional end to end curtain rod, look no further than the marble curtain rod finials. Made from a hardwood or concrete variety, these finials are sure to make a statement and make a statement's worth making.

Black Marble Curtain Rod

This perfect set of two black marble curtain rods is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to any room. The rods are adjustable to fit most body types, and are from a material that is durable and long-lasting. the romex marble curtain rods are a great choice for a variety of reasons. They are affordable and can be ordered in various colors and sizes. They are a great choice for single curtains, because they can be easily controlled with two hands. Also, they are a great choice fortery curtains because they can be easily kept up with a simple amount of movement. this is a perfect addition to any room, the white finish is keeping your homelooks great and is easy to clean. The rod is thickness and makes a good qualty control for your decor. The brown finish is perfect for any room's decor and is easy to clean. the 36 in. - 72 in. Single curtain rod is in brown with core marble ball finial. It is made of metal and is 18 in. Wide by 24 in.