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Curtain Rod Rings

Our curtain rod rings are perfect for your curtains and curtains need to be of a perfect color, style or size. We offer 40 pieces of metal curtain drapery rings which will add a touch of luxury to your walls and chairs.

Curtain Rod Rings With Clips

Looking for a unique and stylish way to add a touch of luxury to your home décor? then check out our curtain rod rings with clips! These clips allow you to easily add a single clip to each end of the ring, making your décor look like a sophisticated piece of art.

Rings For Curtain Rods

This is a great article to help you hang your curtains rods in the correct way. I have included some photos of a window campaign clamps to help you out. This allows you to just enough tighten the knot, without having to try and tighten it yourself. All you need is a metal hangingring or hanger. Then add a loop for your key ring or phone charger. The perfect key ring can have a metal loop with a plastic key, which also doubles as a loop. You can also purchase key loops in different colors to personalize your key ring. this price is for 2 rings. this is a plastic curtain rod with rings. The rings make it look like a brimir ice banner. this brass curtain rod ring set contains 40 metal curtain rings with clips and hooks. Thevoid will stay free and bright with a new look of decorum.