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96 Inch Double Curtain Rod

This item is for using with a 96 inch double curtain rod. This is a 34 od 96 inch rod that is perfect for using with a homey or large home. It has two rod holders so you can keep your curtain rods organized and together with the double layer of insulation it can keep your home warm.

Cheap 96 Inch Double Curtain Rod

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96 Inch Double Curtain Rod Ebay

This curtain rod is a great addition to your home decor. It is double-layered with a sheerer look and a plus blackout finish. It is 1-panel design that will add a fun element to your room decor. this living room curtain is made of fabrics and is extra long which means that it will cover more of the room. It has a beautiful beaded floral design and it is embroidered with a touch ofgrey. The double layer panel is also double layer as opposed to the single layer on which other curtains. This means that it will keep the heat out and also will be more resistant to wrinkles. this floral embroidered double-layer curtain is a great choice for a casual day or a special occasion. The curtain is made to be as soft as possible and isbrushed with a bright white linen tulle calico fabric. The onepanel periment is also a bright white. Thesedbl curtain rods are a great buy and are sure to make a statement. the 96 inch double curtain rod is a great choice for a modern look for your home. It is hard to find in a color other than black, and it is a few dollars more than the 1 inch rod. It is also hard to find in a color other than black,